Common Questions

  1. Q: Can Medical Insurance be used for purchasing contact lenses?
    A: Medical Insurance cannot be used because it is considered a cosmetic purchase. We accept some Vision Plans with allowances to use toward your purchase.
  2. Q: How do I order my contacts?
    A: Call in to any convenient location and place your order over the phone.
    A: Log-in to and place your order on-line.
  3. Q: How long does it take for my contact lenses to come in?
    A: Pick-up or delivery is 3-5 days from the day of order placement.
    A: Overnight shipping is available.
    A: Depending on stock availability it can take an additional 5 days.
    A: Some higher prescriptions may take 2-4 weeks to come-in.

If you are having irritation, redness, or discharge do not automatically assume it’s a contact lens problem. It can be an infection needing treatment from an ophthalmologist.